DIPLO HEALTH: Keeping My Teeth

retainer bite guard-005

I know it’s a funny title for a post, but that’s exactly how I feel about it. This is an exciting post about teeth cracks, broken molars and cool invisible retainers haha! You can tell by that intro that I have not been blessed in the teeth department. I get cavities so easily, I grind my […]

DIPLO HEALTH: Jakarta Dentist Orthodontist

dr ruby jakarta dentist orthodontist

One of the questions new expats ask in Jakarta is where to go for dental treatment. I was really lucky that a friend of mine, who has such a beautiful smile thanks to Dr. Ruby, recommended me to her clinic. Let me describe to you why I love going to Dr. Ruby Karyadi so you […]

DIPLO STYLE: Modern Filipiniana

dita sandico ong modern filipiniana

Happy New Year everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve done a Diplo Style post and I thought I’d change it up a bit today. I want to share one of my favourite easy-to-put-together modern Filipiniana-inspired outfit that I wore to the Bruneian National Day reception I attended in Jakarta. I didn’t want to go […]

BERLIN FINDS: And Other Stories


“It’s a store by the same company that owns H&M but totally different style, more European street style than trendy.” This is how Deepa of Currystrumpet first described & Other Stories to me, when she proposed that we check it out when we met up in Berlin. After I checked out their amazing website, my […]

DIPLO BEAUTY: Pevonia Botanical Skincare

4-Pevonia Botanical Skincare products-003

The first time I heard of Pevonia was from Erica Paredes. She was one of the beauty editors I used to woo when I was working for Beauty Bar in the Philippines, so she knows what she is talking about. I was tweeting and asking for beauty product recommendations and she said Pevonia. At that […]

DIPLO STYLE: Pastel Candy Trend


Hi guys! So sorry my blog has been so erratic lately! I’ve focused my energy on my new baby, my DIPLOshop. Just trying to get it off the ground is taking a lot of energy and time. I’m actually feeling a relapse of carpal tunnel symptoms because I am not only spending a lot of […]

DIPLO STYLE: Nude + Bling


This is sorta fun because it’s sorta hip-hop meets ultra-luxe. I know.. I know… again with the white and gold! What can I say? It’s DiploStyle!   Nude + Bling by thediplomaticwife featuring 14k jewelry Click on the pictures below to find out where it’s from and how much it costs. LET’S KEEP IN TOUCH […]

DIPLO STYLE: Here comes the sun!


Hey guys! I’ve discovered another thing I love… POLYVORE! So this is how all those fashionistas are creating their super cool “looks!” And it’s so darn easy! Yey now I’ve a way to create some looks without resorting to low-tech Powerpoint heehee. Occassionally I’ll do a post when I feel inspired.  Best thing about it […]

DIPLO STYLE: DiploDesigned!

DiploShop clutch freshwater pearls glass bead-009

I am so excited because of my new baby, my DIPLOshop, where I can share with friends in Jakarta some of the stuff I curate and create! (It’s still on soft-launch so more improvements and hours of work for me to put in yet.) Today I posted something that I created and that I am […]

DIPLO BEAUTY: Aquasana Shower Filter


 Since I’ve moved to Jakarta one of my main complaints is the dirty tap water, it doesn’t help that we live in an old building and I get massive chunks of metal and stones in my faucet aerator. Eww. We found out that our friends live in houses or apartments that already have a centralized water-filtration […]