Diplo HOME

DIPLO HOME: Dining Room

diplo dining room

My friend Kaho of Chuzai Living told me that she loved seeing posts about my home and it made me realise that in the past I’ve neglected this category a lot. Only because when it comes to my home I am shy about posting photos unless I’ve finished decorating it already. That’s why I only [read more]

DIPLO DIY: Our Travel ASEAN Photo Book

the diplomatic wife adorama photobook

This is not, strictly speaking, a DIY project because I didn’t print the book myself, however I did wade through thousands of photos (and “developed” them) in the midst of packing out of Jakarta. I also did the layout myself using iPhoto. It wasn’t an easy task because, as many of you expats can attest, moving [read more]

DIPLO HOME: Radiator Wall Decor


One of the things, i’ve never had to deal with in a Tropical country was having a radiator and it’s one of the challenges I faced in our new home. Inspiration struck when I was looking through My First Apartment Book by Kyle Schuneman, though this is our third apartment, this book still provides invaluable beautiful yet [read more]

JAKARTA FINDS: Framed Indonesian Batik Stamp

indonesia batik stamp-001

I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but don’t like clutter, so I like to find souvenirs which serve a dual purpose, like being decorative,  having a function in my home, something I can use or wear. Batik is the pride of Indonesia so I wanted to have a batik souvenir of our very [read more]

DIPLO DOG: Swimming Lessons


We’ve always wondered about this. TD read somewhere that Pomeranians are not usually good swimmers, but of course I wouldn’t give up on him without letting him try it out! Before DiploDog arrived in Berlin, he had no idea how to go up and down stairs, because he had never been exposed to them. Now [read more]

DIPLO HOME on Living ETC Indonesia


Before our Jakarta DiploHome was taken apart, with precious pieces of it sold on Jakarta’s version of Craig’s List or in a Garage Sale at Taman Puri Oasis, I let the lovely Atri of Living ETC Indonesia take pictures of it. It is the perfect way to remember our Jakarta DiploHome at it’s most neat [read more]