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Nursing Nook Interior Design Inspiration


So I’m on my last trimester and I’m totally nesting. We’ve been in a whirlwind of purchasin our basic gear (carseats, cribs, strollers, etc) and assembling stuff for the nursery. One of the things that I want to have, because I plan to breastfeed, is a comfortable and serenely decorated breastfeeding corner or nursing nook. My nursery colors [read more]

DIPLO LUST LIST: Clever Quirky Outdoor Design


Spring (and soon Summer) is here and it’s time to get out of the house and enjoy the sun after the long dark German winter! I want to share with you these clever, quirky items that make the outdoors look even more fun! These amazing designs can be found in Magazin, an impeccably curated design shop that I discovered while [read more]

Bling it On

bling it on

I’ve been wanting to do a series called Diplo Lust List for a while now. After all what fun is life if there is nothing to lust after? I love beautiful design and even though cannot afford everything I lust for, keeping notes on it opens my minds to possibilities and inspires me when I am decorating my [read more]

Making it Blissful at Home

diplo home beach photowall

I am happy to say that I wrote my first article as one of the Blissmakers on MakeItBlissful.com. Imagine how ecstatic I was when editor, Martine de Luna, asked me to be part of her amazing online magazine that has such a heartening message women. Honestly I was surprised to be asked, because though I strive daily to find bliss, [read more]

Christmas Candle Carousel


For me a Kerzenkarussel or candle-carousel is like a small, edited and modern version of a Christmas Pyramid. I find both these the candle-powered carousels so pretty and enchanting that I wanted to do a post on them.  Because the elaborate, wooden Christmas Pyramid doesn’t go with my Diplo Home style, I’ve been looking for a modern [read more]

Interesting Doorstop Designs

primark door stop dog

Though it’s technically still fall in Berlin, it feels like winter is to me. This week it’s been going below zero and and we’ve been trying to adapt by following some heat saving  tips (will post them soon!). One of those tips is to close the doors between rooms to keep hot air from escaping to [read more]

Our Berlin Dining Room

diplo dining room

My friend Kaho of Chuzai Living told me that she loved seeing posts about my home and it made me realise that in the past I’ve neglected this category a lot. Only because when it comes to my home I am shy about posting photos unless I’ve finished decorating it already. That’s why I only [read more]

Naka Bali Painting

neke painting art-001

I’ve haven’t been able to sleep lately and blogging is a way to keep my sanity, which I am, quite literally, trying to keep. So I’d like to share with you something beautiful that nourishes the soul, art. A painting I fell in love with right before leaving Jakarta.   

How to Decorate a Radiator Wall


One of the things, i’ve never had to deal with in a Tropical country was having a radiator and it’s one of the challenges I faced in our new home. Inspiration struck when I was looking through My First Apartment Book by Kyle Schuneman, though this is our third apartment, this book still provides invaluable beautiful yet [read more]

DIPLO HOME featured on Living ETC Indonesia


Before our Jakarta DiploHome was taken apart, with precious pieces of it sold on Jakarta’s version of Craig’s List or in a Garage Sale at Taman Puri Oasis, I let the lovely Atri of Living ETC Indonesia take pictures of it. It is the perfect way to remember our Jakarta DiploHome at it’s most neat [read more]