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BOOK LOVE: Diplo Reads

diplomatic books review

When I arrived in Germany, I was anxious and stressed out from the move. Since misery loves company, I sought out books written by diplo-spouses about their experiences abroad. Sometimes I just want to read about how other diplo-spouses managed in their posts – culture shock, language barriers, exotic adventures and occasional spies. The diplomatic […]

DIPLO HOME: Christmas Candle Carousel


For me a Kerzenkarussel or candle-carousel is like a small, edited and modern version of a Christmas Pyramid. I find both these the candle-powered carousels so pretty and enchanting that I wanted to do a post on them.  Because the elaborate, wooden Christmas Pyramid doesn’t go with my Diplo Home style, I’ve been looking for a modern […]

DIPLO DIY: Decorative Frame Tray


This project is so easy that it literally has 4 steps and needs only 4 materials. I did it in less than 5 minutes. It’s not only for Christmas but can be done to match any theme or colour. I hope you like this simple and time-saving idea! After decorating I had some tinsel, rogue […]

DIPLO HOME: Cute Doorstop

primark door stop dog

Though it’s technically still fall in Berlin, it feels like winter is to me. This week it’s been going below zero and and we’ve been trying to adapt by following some heat saving  tips (will post them soon!). One of those tips is to close the doors between rooms to keep hot air from escaping to […]

DIPLO HOME: Dining Room

diplo dining room

My friend Kaho of Chuzai Living told me that she loved seeing posts about my home and it made me realise that in the past I’ve neglected this category a lot. Only because when it comes to my home I am shy about posting photos unless I’ve finished decorating it already. That’s why I only […]

DIPLO DIY: Advent Wreath

advent wreath making jurgen herold

As promised in my previous post here are pictures of my finished Advent Wreath. I thoroughly enjoyed making this project. Germany’s master florist, Jürgen Herold, tought us how to attached the different elements, like the candles, pinecones, dried orange slices, etc, but he told us it was all up to our taste as to how much […]

DIPLO EVENTS: WIB Meets German Master Florist of 2013

advent wreath making jurgen herold 2

I am part of the Design Group in Willkommen in Berlin and I was very fortunate to be able to attend this amazing event the group leaders organized with Luxury Department Store Quartier 206 and Germany’s Master Florist, Jürgen Herold. What an honour indeed! One of the things I’ve been looking forward to this Christmas is having […]

DIPLO DIY: Our Travel ASEAN Photo Book

the diplomatic wife adorama photobook

This is not, strictly speaking, a DIY project because I didn’t print the book myself, however I did wade through thousands of photos (and “developed” them) in the midst of packing out of Jakarta. I also did the layout myself using iPhoto. It wasn’t an easy task because, as many of you expats can attest, moving […]

DIPLO FINDS: Luckey Bottle Opener


Does this happen to you too? We always have bottle openers lying around, but the moment we need it, like when we are out of town, we can’t find one! The bottle openers we have aren’t so handy so we end up leaving them at home. I found the ultimate bottle opener that is as […]

DIPLO TIP: How NOT to Stink Up a Shared Toilet


One big differences between living in Manila/Jakarta versus Berlin, is the abundance of toilets flats. In Asia there was a 1:1 ratio between rooms and bathrooms. In Berlin most of the flats we saw had only 1 bathroom, even for 3-room apartments. Good thing I was armed with my secret weapon, a few boxes of […]

DIPLO DOG: Swimming Lessons


We’ve always wondered about this. TD read somewhere that Pomeranians are not usually good swimmers, but of course I wouldn’t give up on him without letting him try it out! Before DiploDog arrived in Berlin, he had no idea how to go up and down stairs, because he had never been exposed to them. Now […]

BOOK LOVE: Trail of Crumbs

I was immediately drawn to this book in the store because of the sub-title: “hunger, love and the search for home.” I don’t know if this book is for everyone because not everyone might be able to relate to Kim Sunee’s hunger and search for home. For example, I was surprised to learn that I […]