Diplo DIY

DIPLO DIY: Decorative Frame Tray


This project is so easy that it literally has 4 steps and needs only 4 materials. I did it in less than 5 minutes. It’s not only for Christmas but can be done to match any theme or colour. I hope you like this simple and time-saving idea! After decorating I had some tinsel, rogue […]

DIPLO DIY: Advent Wreath

advent wreath making jurgen herold

As promised in my previous post here are pictures of my finished Advent Wreath. I thoroughly enjoyed making this project. Germany’s master florist, Jürgen Herold, tought us how to attached the different elements, like the candles, pinecones, dried orange slices, etc, but he told us it was all up to our taste as to how much […]

DIPLO EVENTS: WIB Meets German Master Florist of 2013

advent wreath making jurgen herold 2

I am part of the Design Group in Willkommen in Berlin and I was very fortunate to be able to attend this amazing event the group leaders organized with Luxury Department Store Quartier 206 and Germany’s Master Florist, Jürgen Herold. What an honour indeed! One of the things I’ve been looking forward to this Christmas is having […]

DIPLO DIY: Our Travel ASEAN Photo Book

the diplomatic wife adorama photobook

This is not, strictly speaking, a DIY project because I didn’t print the book myself, however I did wade through thousands of photos (and “developed” them) in the midst of packing out of Jakarta. I also did the layout myself using iPhoto. It wasn’t an easy task because, as many of you expats can attest, moving […]

DIPLO DIY: How to Make Roadtrips More Fun

DIY Roadtrip Bingo

Road Trip Bingo Is Perfect for the Family If you’ve noticed my blog has come alive again. The 3-week houseguests have left and I’ve sort-of-almost recovered my health. It’s still a struggle, I tell you, with all the fluctuations in temperature in Berlin, and the tiring job of fixing up the house myself. I was […]

DIPLO DECLUTTER: Organizing Travel Momentos

ikea kassett box with lid for hanging files-1

With the amount of traveling we’ve done (too much if you ask me!) I have given up on scrapbooking. I’ll just be happy to have all my little bits of paper, information or calling cards in an easy to find location when I need to refer to them for blog posts. Once I have the […]

DIPLO TIPS: Battle dust and pollution + save energy

Raven window and door weather strip RP59

I’ve been relatively happy the first 2 years of living in Jakarta. I’ve gone from party girl to homebody (with the occasional dinner & drinks with friends, tennis nights and diplo parties). However the construction of a massive structure nearby has ruined my idyllic existence and days at home. I used to be able to […]

DIPLO DIY: Triptych

Gold White DIY Triptych2

My first TDW (The Diplomatic Wife) original artwork is finally hanging over our bed. I love waking up and seeing it above my head first thing in the morning. It’s simple, gold and white and is SO totally me! It adds to the warmth of our off white room, and in the morning it magnifies […]

DIPLO DIY: Wine Glass Cozies

crocheted wine glass cozies

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post (my first post in almost 2 weeks!) I kept busy while I was sick in bed and couldn’t access my blog, by crocheting. I know it’s so lola (grandma) but I have an entire box of thread left over from maybe a decade ago (If I recall correctly, it […]

DIPLO DIY ❃ Caring for and organizing my bags

Organizing and labeling my bags5

A friend of mine, @alwaysthewinna, once tweeted me to ask about how I take care of my bags. She uses a bag tree like below but has a problem with molds. I used to use the same thing in Manila and realized as I was packing my things for Jakarta that my older bags had molds in […]

DIPLO DECLUTTER ♖ Organizing TD’s ID souvenirs

Organizing souvenir IDs2

My hubby is a simple guy with few and basic belongings. When we moved to Jakarta most of the shipment was mine (about 90%). So it’s not that hard to clean up after him. Except for his work stuff. He brings a lot of work home and goes to many conferences and meetings. Which means […]

DIPLO DIY: Birthday Calendar Free Printable

the pretty blog free printable perpetual birthday calendar

If you guys follow me on PINTEREST you might have seen my BIRTHDAY BOOK pin (see screenshot below). And if you are my friend, you know I am the worst at birthdays. My aunt used to remind me when it was my grandma or dad’s birthday. (YES I’m that horrible!). Good thing TD and I […]

DIPLO HOME: Non-Toxic Home Cleaning


I’ve been talking about this to many friends and have actually convinced some colleagues of my husband to try it out. My household cleaning arsenal is basically composed of baking soda, vinegar, water and sometimes lemon. It’s so much simpler, so much better for the environment and more importantly it’s good for us, for DiploDog […]

DIPLO DIY: Bag handle cover

DIPLO DIY bag handle cover2

One day our maid comes to me and sadly tells me that Diplo Dog’s soft bag (the one made of cloth and foam) was stolen. She laid it down on the park bench while walking around the park thinking that no one would steal it because it was in her line of vision and she […]