Diplo DOG

DIPLO DOG: Swimming Lessons


We’ve always wondered about this. TD read somewhere that Pomeranians are not usually good swimmers, but of course I wouldn’t give up on him without letting him try it out! Before DiploDog arrived in Berlin, he had no idea how to go up and down stairs, because he had never been exposed to them. Now […]

DIPLO DOG: Pawday 2013


We finally made it to PAWDAY 2013, which is organized by Jakarta Animal Aid Network or JAAN every year to raise funds for JAAN’s animal aid activities. We dropped by at the tail end because DiploDog is not really socialized yet and we were also tired from Part 1 of our Drink-Our-Booze party the night […]

DIPLOdog ☆ My new Azkals Jersey

DiploDog Azkals Jersey-003

Hi everyone. Sorry if I haven’t been posting much lately. I’ve been busy with a “consultancy” job lately and two weeks in the Philippines so I’ve had to put the blogging, DiploDesserts (I take orders for banana bread and tiramisu cupcakes), and DiploShop on hiatus. It’s only until the 23rd of July. So thank you […]

DIPLO DIY ❃ DiploDog’s Doggie Bag Liner

DiploDog's DIY Doggie Bag liner

While we were on holiday, they tried to kick DiploDog out of the building. It’s quite unfair because the policy is “no PETS allowed.” Those who have cats though freely flaunt them – I’ve even seen one tenant go up and down the elevator with his cat on his shoulder. So it is really only […]

DIPLO DIY: Bag handle cover

DIPLO DIY bag handle cover2

One day our maid comes to me and sadly tells me that Diplo Dog’s soft bag (the one made of cloth and foam) was stolen. She laid it down on the park bench while walking around the park thinking that no one would steal it because it was in her line of vision and she […]

DiploDog recovered + New Do & New Duds

Diplodog's new tee: Dapper dog style -  Shaken not stirred

DiploDog was recently sick. It was a hard few weeks but with constant care and a lot of pain on DiploDog’s end, he has finally recovered. I promise to be a better mommy and always make sure that his sac is expressed all the time. I brought him to the Vet to ensure that he […]

Poor DiploDog and his cone

DiploDog and his cone

DiploDog is sick. If you don’t have a dog, I suggest you skip this post because I am mainly posting this for the information of dog owners out there who like us may not have known certain things about our pets. I hope you find this post informative. But for those who don’t have pets […]

DiploDog enjoying the balcony breeze

Ahhhhh...this is the life!

As requested by @migmol, here are pics of DiploDog enjoying the balcony breeze. While I am eating or working on our dining table, I notice that Diplo Dog enjoys sitting by our balcony, looking out and letting the breeze ruffle through his fur!

Diplo Dog got lost for 3 HOURS today!!!

  This is the story, as told to us by our maid when we got home for dinner today. I thought I’d have a heart attack when I heard it! The tension the suspense!  She started with “Diplo Dog got lost for 3 hours today…” EGAD! When TD and I left the apartment this morning, there […]

Where in the world is Diplo Dog?

Where in the World is Diplo Dog

I was getting ready to go out one day and I was wondering where diplo dog was since he wasn’t in the room. He’s probably having an afternoon nap in “his room.” (We call the guest room/study his room because his favorite place to nap is underneath the pull-out.) After a few minutes, I noticed […]

Diplo Dog caught in the act!

    Whenever we give Diplodog a treat for good behavior, he takes it and runs off as fast as his paws can take him to hide (under the table/couch) and enjoy it. As if he is scared it will be taken away from him! LOL! (Click on images below to enlarge)       […]

They shaved my dog BALD! =(

Diplo Dog before the haircut  2

Okay okay… Maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but the poor dog is PRACTICALLY BALD!  We told the groomers he only needed a trim and even sent the maid so she could make sure. THIS is one of the hazards of the language barrier. BEFORE (Fluffy like any self-respecting Pomeranian) AFTER (Bald like a baby – somehow […]

Diplo Dog says “Go Ateneo!”

He somehow reminds me of "teen wolf" =P

When I am in manila I also get the dog pasalubong (a present – usually given by one arriving from a trip). While I was hunting for a Christmas outfit in Tiendesitas (thanks to Poker Goddess for recommending it on my Lil’ Demoñito post!) I found this super cute top and just had to get […]

MANILA BARS: The Distillery

I prefer Leffe Blond to Leffe Brown (Php 150 each)

We almost cancelled drinks because it was raining too hard, but when it finally died down a bit, we decided to hit The Distillery. Precisely because of the rain, we were lucky enough to have tables in the small bar (only 1 long table with bar stools on the 1st floor & about 3 small […]

Reunited with my lil’ rascal

A week in Manila and I’m already missing…. my dog =P   These are pictures of him when we got back from a trip 2 weeks ago. He was just so so happy to see us! It was ADORABLE. I can’t wait to see those puppy-dog eyes when I get back…