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DIPLO HOME: Christmas Candle Carousel


For me a Kerzenkarussel or candle-carousel is like a small, edited and modern version of a Christmas Pyramid. I find both these the candle-powered carousels so pretty and enchanting that I wanted to do a post on them.  Because the elaborate, wooden Christmas Pyramid doesn’t go with my Diplo Home style, I’ve been looking for a modern […]

DIPLO HOME: Cute Doorstop

primark door stop dog

Though it’s technically still fall in Berlin, it feels like winter is to me. This week it’s been going below zero and and we’ve been trying to adapt by following some heat saving  tips (will post them soon!). One of those tips is to close the doors between rooms to keep hot air from escaping to […]

DIPLO HOME: Dining Room

diplo dining room

My friend Kaho of Chuzai Living told me that she loved seeing posts about my home and it made me realise that in the past I’ve neglected this category a lot. Only because when it comes to my home I am shy about posting photos unless I’ve finished decorating it already. That’s why I only […]

DIPLO HOME: Living ETC Indonesia


Before our Jakarta DiploHome was taken apart, with precious pieces of it sold on Jakarta’s version of Craig’s List or in a Garage Sale at Taman Puri Oasis, I let the lovely Atri of Living ETC Indonesia take pictures of it. It is the perfect way to remember our Jakarta DiploHome at it’s most neat […]

DIPLO DIY: Photowall


I thought I had already posted on my beloved DIY photowall, but apparently it got buried in my massive amount of photos. I realized that I didn’t have a lot of photos in my home and as part of my Happiness Project, I decided to do a photowall projects. Projects, though it may take time […]

DIPLO DESIGNED: Teak Nesting Tables New Look


No matter the quality of your wood there is no 100% guarantee that it will not crack. So when there were terribly hot days in Jakarta and we would turn on the air conditioner in the living room at night, some hairline cracks appeared on our beloved Teak Nesting tables. (Remember them? The ones that can be […]