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How to Prevent Molds

Bagus Serapair heavy duty dehumidifier

“Dehumidifiers changed my life” is exactly what my best friend, Jenn, told me after I recommended them to her. No more moldy/peeling bags and shoes and no more moldy closets! It’s definitely something we need in places like Manila and Jakarta, where humidity is high. You especially need this if you live beside a canal [read more]

Style n Stitch Alteration Services

Style n Stitch

 Usually I would say Mayestic Traditional Pasar for sewing requirements. But to be honest I’ve only ever had my couch covers and throw pillow cases done in Mayestic. So when my not-so-well-made throw pillow zippers from Nicks gave way, I decided to try having it fixed elsewhere. I headed on to a shop I’ve seen [read more]

What happens during Eid aI-Adha

Strangely enough tonight is my first time to hear the prayers from the mosque nearby. I usually don’t hear or notice it. So either I’ve just gotten used to the sound and tune it out or they are in full force tonight for the Eid aI-Adha (Festival of Sacrifice) which starts today, though the official non-working holiday [read more]