MANILA EATS: Zaifu Japanese Restaurant

zaifu japanese restaurant powerplant mall rockwell-003

One of our good ol’ faithfuls in Manila is a small restaurant in the basement of the Rockwell Powerplant Mall. The food is consistently good, the service fast and the prices quite reasonable. We always order the same dishes whenever we go. Pictures after the jump!

Affinity Dental Clinic Manila


Whenever I am in the Philippines, I never fail to go to my dentist and aesthetician Dr. Laura of Affinity Dental Clinic. I’ve worked hard to maintain my teeth and gum health over the years. I’ve even had braces twice (the first one was to straighten teeth) and the second one was to avoid risky [read more]

MANILA EATS: Mr. Jones Diner

8-Mr Jones Diner Greenbelt-007

I am busy organizing and decluttering, not just my home but also my computer files, when I stumbled upon some of last years photos of Manila. I am really missing Manila so this is my way of coping… by writing about the stuff that I miss! One of the places we like in Greenbelt (and [read more]

MANILA EATS: Mamou Comfort Food

6-Mamou Restaurant Serendra-005

Mamou is a favorite of many foodies in Manila. The steak is always talked about, though I cannot for the life of me remember how it tastes. I am not a steak person. (I am more likely to remember the 1kg crab my dad brought us from Mindanao or a lechon dinner, rather than a [read more]

F&C Muscovado Sugar

F&C muscovado sugar-003

My husband received  a neat gift from a pinoy in Jakarta lately. Thanks Jeff ! I love muscovado sugar with my coffee! And also loving how this resurgence in interest in healthy natural living in making Muscovado more popular!

Serving Spoon Rest + Ladle Stand

Muji porcelain ladle stand

One of the things I noticed in the recent dinner party we hosted was that I didn’t know where to place the serving spoons while the lids on the different dishes were on (to keep them warm). I remembered the super cute serving spoon rest that my best friend had for her rice paddle or rice [read more]