BALI BITES: Warung Babi Guling Ibu Oka


Balinese-style Lechon or Roasted Pig Living in Jakarta and being Filipinos, we were pork-starved pork-tourists in Bali. Bali is mainly Hindu so pork and dogs are acceptable there. The famous place for roasted pig is Warung Ibu Oka in Ubud. It gets very busy during lunch and you have to come early or they run [read more]

BALI BUYS: Memorable Seminyak Shopping

Screen shot 2011-08-07 at 3.15.00 PM

Whenever I go to Bali, my shopping senses are shocked by the amount of choices and all the gorgeous stores. I try to take note but really the ones I remember are the best ones. Just wanna share with you my favorite stores (aside from Jenggala, Shell Museum and Roxy)

DIPLO BEAUTY: Lulur Body Scrub


One of my favorite Indonesian finds is their amazing beauty secret… LULUR body scrub! It’s basically their local body scrub. I don’t recommend just any Lulur, since there are so many available in the supermarkets, drugstores, etc. When using the right brands, I can say that it’s the best body scrub I’ve ever had, even [read more]

BALI BITES: Favorite Flashbacks Brunch

Flashbacks The Porch Cafe Breakfast Sanur-012

On one trip to Bali we stayed in Sanur. Travels with a Gourmet recommended The Porch. It is the restaurant of Flashback’s Bungalows.  All I can say it, OMG it’s always good to listen to Travels with a Gourmet recommendations! Pictures of the food, super cute retro interiors and menu after the jump!

Exploring Bali Collection

The Frangipani Bali Collection Nusa Dua-6

When staying in Nusa Dua the outside world (like Seminyak) is not so accessible unless you have a car rental or travel about 30 minutes via taxi so I got to go around on foot a lot. Bali Collection is the nearest place to go for shopping and food. It’s a beautiful leisurely 10-15 minute [read more]

Bicycling Around Nusa Dua


One thing you can do if you are staying in the Nusa Dua area in Bali is to go cycling around. The area is safe, but if you’re not confident on a bicycle it can still be a bit scary because of the motorcycles and cars. Note that there are areas where you have to [read more]

BALI BITES: Pica Tapas Bar


If you find yourself in Bali Collection and you are looking for a place for beers or a place with a band, you can check out Pica Tapas Bar. It’s a lively place that serves seafood and grilled meats. I was surprised with the name because I usually associate “tapas” and “pica-pica” with Spanish food [read more]

BALI BUYS: Cheap Souvenirs at Krisna

Krishna Souvenir Store Denpasar Bali-14

For those of you looking for cheap souvenir in Bali, look no further! Krisna Oleh-Oleh Khas Bali is the place to go. You’ll find almost everything here in the convenience of a massive airconditioned store. Usually I like to haggle, but I find my inability to speak fluent Bahasa (with the correct accent) keeps me [read more]

BALI HOTEL: Marriott Courtyard Lagoon Pool

Marriott Courtyard Bali Lagoon Swimming Pool-3

I love hanging out by the Lagoon Pool in Marriott. It’s a beautiful pool, with a bar in the middle. It’s so nice to hang out (or blog) on a beach bed with an ice cold beer. They even have free WIFI by the pool. Awesome! 

BALI TRAVEL DIARIES: Back in Marriott Courtyard

Back in Bali 21

After my Manila trip to attend a loved one’s wedding, I went back to Jakarta for 2 days to pick up Diplo Dog who was boarding in the Vet, to launder my clothes, bake some cupcakes and repack for Bali where I was following TD, who was there for important meetings.