11-Eden BBB Restaurant Bagan Myanmar-010

One of the places we ate in in Bagan, that we enjoyed was Eden BBB Restaurant. We went there for lunch at the recommendation of our tour guide. Photos after the jump!


02-bagan domestic airport-001

Before I write more about Bagan, I want to tell you about our flight there. We took AirBagan. We were departing to Bagan so early it was still dark out when we checked-out. We requested for breakfast to be packed for us and the hotel gave us hardboiled eggs, bread and a banana – it [read more]

BAGAN TO DO: Monastery on a Mountain

00-Mount Popa Taung Kalat Monastery bagan myanmar-037

Yay, I’m doing another travel diaries post! This time it’s to remember an unforgettable experience when we were in Bagan, when we climbed 777 steps up a mountain to a Buddhist monastery on the summit. Mount Popa is a volcano in central Myanmar, which is a day trip away from Bagan. Some distance from it [read more]

YANGON TRAVEL DIARIES: Giant Sitting Buddha at Nga Htat Gyi Pagoda

Sitting Buddha Nga Htat Gyi Pagoda Yangon-009

Hi folks! Sorry I have been super busy lately! Today I wanna share with you some photos of Nga Htat Gyi Pagoda in Yangon which has a giant sitting Buddha. Unlike the pagoda with the Reclining Buddha you need to pay to get in. It’s looking a bit gloomy but the carvings are breath-taking. I was [read more]

YANGON TRAVEL DIARIES: Taking a walk around Inya Lake

inya lake yangon myanmar-006

After breakfast & bathroom break we headed out to Inya Lake to walk off our greasy breakfast calories. While in Myanmar I recommend scheduling bathroom breaks in clean toilets – you can ask your travel agent about this – especially if you are traveling with children or older people. We made sure we didn’t have [read more]


Yuzana Hotel Yangon Myanmar Pagoda View Room

We booked our hotels to Myanmar about a month ahead. Because of these our choices were limited. We got whatever we could. When we arrived in Yangon we stayed in Yuzana Hotel in Yangon which was quite old and not so clean. But the thing that made it all worth while was that it over-looked [read more]