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One of the things I loved about living in Asia is how easy and affordable it is to travel to many Asia-Pacific destinations and how diverse the cultures and attractions are. With a few minutes of googling and planning, plane fares can be had for as little as a few dollars and nice, clean hotels can be found. Seriously! [read more]

PHUKET TRAVEL DIARIES: Fresh seafood at Phong Phang – Palai Bay

Steamed or boiled crabs at Phong Phang - Palai Bay Phuket Thailand

“The crab that walks too far falls into the pot.” – Haitian Proverb Coming from a province near the sea and enjoying freshly caught seafood my entire life, I am what you call a seafood snob. I’d rather eat something else if the seafood isn’t fresh. I barely ate seafood when I was in Manila, because [read more]


Free tasting at the Sri Bhurapha Orchid Phuket Cashew factory store

On my list of Must Do’s in Phuket is to buy lots and lots of cashews. Cashews are a famous local product of Phuket. I use them for making banana bread and pukkolla, instead of walnuts. Check out the cashew shopping we did and the  factory store we bought them in after the jump.


Thai Cultural Evening Buffet at Sala Restaurant Phuket Thailand

For dinner we decided to check out the Sala Restaurant, a recipient of the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence 2010.  According to the itinerary of activities thoughtfully left in our room, the renowned resto held Thai Cultural Evenings on Fridays. The special grazing menu consisted of a tasting portions of authentic Thai dishes. Show time was [read more]

PHUKET TRAVEL DIARIES: Whatta welcome from Sala Resort!

Sala Phuket Boutique Resort welcome flower bracelets made with Sampagita & orchid

Lovely flower bracelets made with Sampaguita & orchid. Smelled soooo good! I wonder why we in the Philippines don’t use the Sampaguita more, when it is actually native to us? Upon arrival at the airport we were happy to find a kiosk for tourists giving out a map of Phuket, brochures and a free Thai SIM [read more]