IKEA (aka housewife heaven)

IKEA: I like the dispensers, they remind me of udders!

When we got to IKEA at noon, we were ravenous, not having had breakfast nor lunch. We could have eaten a cow! Or a couple of chicken dogs, chips, meatballs, chicken wings and dessert =P  Must not shop on an empty stomach!

Awfully Chocolate @ VivoCity Singapore

Hei premium dark chocolate ice cream pint

Every time my husband and I pass through Senopati Street in Jakarta, we are always intrigued by this stark white store with such minimalist & utterly chic interiors (SO my style!).  It had only one sign: “Awfully Chocolate.”  And I always think, whatever is in there must be awfully delicious! 

Delicious Eating House - Singapore

Delicious Eating House is also part convenience store

On our last night in Sing we wanted to eat hawker-style! Our host kindly obliged us and off we went via bus to Delicious Eating House. The ingredients used were fresh and the servings massive. I would definitely come back to have that Crispy Baby Squid and to try other dishes! 

Body Bumpin’ in VivoCity, Singapore

Image: Till His Kingdom Come I had a pretty unpleasant experience last night. I was going to surprise my husband with a birthday cake at Awfully Chocolate’s newest global branch in VivoCity, Singapore. I totally regretted choosing this particular branch (I guess “newest” and “global branch” don’t necessarily mean it’s the best). Walking around the [read more]