MADRID INFO: Value for Money Tips

walk to del prado madrid

TD and I try to plan our vacations and budget well. We always try to get the best value for money. It's hard earned money and we try to balance out saving while enjoying ourselves. So here are the ways we cut cost while maximising our 7 days in Madrid. Tourist travel ticket The best way to get around is via Metro underground train and Buses. You can get a non-transferrable 1, 2, 3, 5 and 7-day tourist travel ticket. This ticket also includes the additional fee (6 € two-way) to get in and [read more]

TRAVEL DIARIES: 7 Days in Madrid

puerta de europa kio towers

We were recently in Madrid for a family vacation/reunion. It was my very first time in Spain and visiting Madrid was a dream come true. It was a dream I had, to experience the Madrileño lifestyle, ever since taking Spanish at University. So here was my bucket list for our one week stay. With a lot of walking, small bites and some money-saving tactics, we were able to check out almost everything without breaking the bank. Diplotummy Cochinillo at El Botin, the oldest restaurant in the [read more]

BERLIN FINDS: Stasi Archives and Museum Tour

stasi museum archives-004

The  Ministry for State Security or the Stasi, the GDR's Secret Police is something that is always mentioned in any material about that time. I know about it from what I've seen and heard in a general sense, but thanks to a tour in the Stasi Archives and Museum with organised by the "Unknown Berlin" Group leaders in the Willkommen in Berlin I got a unique insight into the world of the very clandestine organisation and the way it operated.  The complex system of archiving, which have [read more]

FRANKFURT BITES: Riverside Restaurant Main Nizza

main nizza restaurant frankfurt-006

A wonderful river side restaurant with delicious food, great service and amazing ambiance. If you are looking for a delicious and chic place to dine by Frankfurt's river main, I can definitely recommend this place. Their menu is short but delicious. See the English menu. Good portioned specials like the schnitzel and Argentinian steak below run between 20- 30 Euros and come with a yummy salad. Request to see the menu for their daily lunch specials. They are more affordable and more bang [read more]


tour frankfurt germany-001

Touring around Frankfurt is a great way to get a feel for the layout and important parts of the city. Get a good tour guide that can tell you about the city's landmarks and pique your curiosity and interest. Once you pick out what you find interesting, be it historical landmarks, museums, ebbelwoi pubs or shopping, you can always come back using public transport. We rode on the coolest bus. Part of the tour was a walk through the old town square which was really memorable for me. [read more]

BERLIN TO DO: Berlin Palace Humbolt Box

berlin palace humbolt box-007

For many people the oddly shaped, very modern Humboltbox offends their sense of sight because it is like a sore thumb sticking out in the middle of the very beautiful old buildings in Museum Insel. I am happy to find out during our visit of the Berlin Palace Information Center, that is only a temporary structure which contains beautiful things within and has a very good purpose  for being there. A model of turn-of the-century Berlin landscape shows you where the Berlin Palace was before it [read more]



One of the happening places in the evening in Marriott Hotel is the Champions Bar where hotel guests unwind after a day of business or pleasure. After hours get-togethers or even meetings are conducted with a round of beers with American burgers, with sports games being played in the many massive flatscreen TVs scattered around the bar. This would be a wonderful place to watch a football game in Frankfurt. We wanted to try the different items on the menu so we ordered the sample [read more]


pizzeria da cimino frankfurt-006

Frankfurt has a reputation for being an expensive city so TD and I did some research on where we could get a cheap bite and decent food. Da Cimini has the reputation for being the best pizza in town. I cannot say myself if that is true because I have not tried pizza's in other restaurants, but we enjoyed our simple Italian meal of Pizza Quattro Formaggio and Penne al Arrabiata (not pictured because it was inhaled before I was able to photograph) in this is a hole in the wall and the price was [read more]

BERLIN BITES: Pan Filipino Restaurant

pan filipino restaurant berlin-006

I was surprised and happy to learn that there is a Filipino restaurant in Berlin. It's called Pan. Pan is Filipino for bread (similar to Spanish) but I am not sure if they called it pan meaning bread or pan like a frying pan haha. Does anyone know? My Filipina friends organised a get together with some friends from other countries, and they enjoyed the food. Full disclosure most of us ordered the tapa. =p One thing that you need to know about this restaurant is that there is no pork - [read more]

FRANKFURT BITES: Sachsenhausen Ebbelwoi Taverns

Sachsenhausen Ebbelwoi Tavern frankfurt

A must try in Frankfurt is the Frankfurters' favourite drink Ebbelwoi or Apple wine. Ebbelwoi is a light tart fermented fruit wine. It is more tart and less alcoholic than it's American cousin, the apple cider.  To try it we went to Dauth-Schneider Apfelwein Wirtschaft, an apple wine tavern which has been doing business for about 164 years. Isn't that amazing? We had it with a Frankfurter Vorspeisenteller or traditional appetisers sampler platter : Handkäse with Musik Pungent [read more]

Where am I going?

where am i going thediplomaticwife

Dear friends,  I am sure you've noticed that for the past few weeks I've been mostly silent on the world wide web. I am so sorry for these unplanned hiatus. I've just been dealing with some health issues and also reevaluating how I'm going to move forward while trying to keep a more balanced life. You see in the past 4 years of blogging I've been consumed by it, not only because I am an obsessive person but also because I was trying to avoid something. Blogging has been a great coping mechanism [read more]

FRANKFURT BITES: Marriott Executive Lounge


The claim to fame of Frankfut Marriot is that they have Germany's highest Executive Lounge on their 43rd floor. Personally I loved going to the lounge for pre or post dinner drinks. As I mentioned, I thought that breakfast was so so, I think dinner at the Executive lounge is so much better. Breakfast The eggs were a bit rubbery and cold, so put a lot of ketchup. They have the same breads from the buffet and you can heat it up with the toaster. Options are much more limited than the Breakfast [read more]

FRANKFURT BITES: Marriott Buffet Breakfast


On our first breakfast we ate in the Executive lounge which has limited breakfast options. Only because we were in a hurry and it was outside our door. However on the second and third morning, I went down to the Brasserie where the complimentary Breakfast Buffet is served. It's definitely a better option. The interiors are lovely and relaxing. The staff are welcoming and so friendly. On the morning that TD couldn't join me, I loved sitting by the windows and reading a book while having [read more]

FRANKFURT INFO: Marriott Hotel Room

marriott hotel frankfurt

We stayed at the Marriott while we were in Frankfurt and as expected the rooms were lovely and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay. I love taking pictures of hotel rooms because I get so much interior design and smart design inspiration from it. I've stayed in several Marriott hotels in different cities and I've always had great experiences with their friendly yet efficient and professional staff, clean and beautiful rooms and generous buffet breakfasts.  The prices are reasonable (depending on which [read more]

FRANKFURT INFO: Snowy Autobahn Drive

autobahn roadtrip snow travel-028

I want to write about my first time to go on a road trip in snow. I learned many things about road safety, the Autobahn and traveling in winter and I want to take note of them in case we go on a road trip in the future where we will have to drive ourselves. Last time I was on the Autobahn was on a road trip to Hamburg but that is a different way and the conditions were very different too. On the day we were leaving for Frankfurt I awoke to snow. Snow is finally here. For real this time [read more]

TRAVEL DIARIES: 4 Days in Frankfurt


I had a list of things to do for Frankfurt which I compiled from online research and many came from the City Guide Booklet provided in the Marriott Hotel room. This informational booklet that they provided was really handy and gave highlights of Frankfurt in a way that didn't overwhelm me. So here is the list that I compiled. I crossed out the ones I was able to do in our 4 day trip. Cheap pizza at Da Cimino - supposedly the best in town Enjoy Frankfurt's traditional local drink, Apfelwein [read more]

DIPLO HOME: Modern Filipiniana Condo Interior Design Tips

decorating condominium interior design-001

I love being in Berlin, but knowing that it will be a couple of years till I go back home to Manila, I get home sick. So I thought I would write about my first time to decorate a flat, a condominium in Manila. I had no idea how to do this and I was doing it all alone, so I quickly bought books and magazines and got in touch with friends (Thanks Sach and Pio) who were either in the business or had contacts to suppliers in the interior design. I was surprised by how helpful people were and I [read more]

DIPLO FINDS: Solution to Teeth Grinding

retainer bite guard-005

I know it's a funny title for a post, but that's exactly how I feel about it. This is an exciting post about teeth cracks, broken molars and cool invisible retainers haha! You can tell by that intro that I have not been blessed in the teeth department. I get cavities so easily, I grind my teeth at night which means I have these hairline cracks (freaky!) and my teeth are overcrowded, so despite braces (twice!) they are perpetually moving around. The pressure of night grinding doesn't help with [read more]

BERLIN INFO: Trip Budget

berlin bier bike

I am really excited because my best friend, Jenn is planning to visit me in Berlin. And we are trying to plan it together with a girls trip to Paris. It's so exciting. I am sure it will be epic! She sent me this cool link on how to enjoy Paris for Php 55,000 (about € 900). One of the questions she asked me was how much she should budget for Berlin. So I thought I would do a post on budgeting for a trip to Berlin. I can't be as exact as the Paris post, but I will do my best to give you an idea. I [read more]

BERLIN FINDS: International Greenweek


My friend Alex said that International Greenweek Berlin is like taking a world tour in one place. And after I went around, I totally agree! It's definitely worth the entrance fee... French Champagne and foie gras, Italian gelato and truffles and other things that I've never tried before! Aside from the yummy goodies in the Philippine booth, these are the memorable things I tried. (Mostly tasted!) ProBier Hall / Beer Hall The beer hall is a must see - different breweries from beer-loving [read more]