FRANKFURT BITES: Marriott Executive Lounge


The claim to fame of Frankfut Marriot is that they have Germany's highest Executive Lounge on their 43rd floor. Personally I loved going to the lounge for pre or post dinner drinks. As I mentioned, I thought that breakfast was so so, I think dinner at the Executive lounge is so much better. Breakfast The eggs were a bit rubbery and cold, so put a lot of ketchup. They have the same breads from the buffet and you can heat it up with the toaster. Options are much more limited than the Breakfast … [read more]

FRANKFURT BITES: Marriott Buffet Breakfast


On our first breakfast we ate in the Executive lounge which has limited breakfast options. Only because we were in a hurry and it was outside our door. However on the second and third morning, I went down to the Brasserie where the complimentary Breakfast Buffet is served. It's definitely a better option. The interiors are lovely and relaxing. The staff are welcoming and so friendly. On the morning that TD couldn't join me, I loved sitting by the windows and reading a book while having … [read more]

FRANKFURT INFO: Marriott Hotel Room

marriott hotel frankfurt

We stayed at the Marriott while we were in Frankfurt and as expected the rooms were lovely and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay. I love taking pictures of hotel rooms because I get so much interior design and smart design inspiration from it. I've stayed in several Marriott hotels in different cities and I've always had great experiences with their friendly yet efficient and professional staff, clean and beautiful rooms and generous buffet breakfasts.  The prices are reasonable (depending on which … [read more]

FRANKFURT INFO: Snowy Autobahn Drive

autobahn roadtrip snow travel-028

I want to write about my first time to go on a road trip in snow. I learned many things about road safety, the Autobahn and traveling in winter and I want to take note of them in case we go on a road trip in the future where we will have to drive ourselves. Last time I was on the Autobahn was on a road trip to Hamburg but that is a different way and the conditions were very different too. On the day we were leaving for Frankfurt I awoke to snow. Snow is finally here. For real this time … [read more]

TRAVEL DIARIES: 4 Days in Frankfurt


I had a list of things to do for Frankfurt which I compiled from online research and many came from the City Guide Booklet provided in the Marriott Hotel room. This informational booklet that they provided was really handy and gave highlights of Frankfurt in a way that didn't overwhelm me. So here is the list that I compiled. I crossed out the ones I was able to do in our 4 day trip. Cheap pizza at Da Cimino - supposedly the best in town Enjoy Frankfurt's traditional local drink, Apfelwein … [read more]

DIPLO HOME: Modern Filipiniana Condo Interior Design Tips

decorating condominium interior design-001

I love being in Berlin, but knowing that it will be a couple of years till I go back home to Manila, I get home sick. So I thought I would write about my first time to decorate a flat, a condominium in Manila. I had no idea how to do this and I was doing it all alone, so I quickly bought books and magazines and got in touch with friends (Thanks Sach and Pio) who were either in the business or had contacts to suppliers in the interior design. I was surprised by how helpful people were and I … [read more]

DIPLO HEALTH: Keeping My Teeth

retainer bite guard-005

I know it's a funny title for a post, but that's exactly how I feel about it. This is an exciting post about teeth cracks, broken molars and cool invisible retainers haha! You can tell by that intro that I have not been blessed in the teeth department. I get cavities so easily, I grind my teeth at night which means I have these hairline cracks (freaky!) and my teeth are overcrowded, so despite braces (twice!) they are perpetually moving around. The pressure of night grinding doesn't help with … [read more]

BERLIN INFO: Trip Budget

berlin bier bike

I am really excited because my best friend, Jenn is planning to visit me in Berlin. And we are trying to plan it together with a girls trip to Paris. It's so exciting. I am sure it will be epic! She sent me this cool link on how to enjoy Paris for Php 55,000 (about € 900). One of the questions she asked me was how much she should budget for Berlin. So I thought I would do a post on budgeting for a trip to Berlin. I can't be as exact as the Paris post, but I will do my best to give you an idea. I … [read more]

BERLIN FINDS: International Greenweek


My friend Alex said that International Greenweek Berlin is like taking a world tour in one place. And after I went around, I totally agree! It's definitely worth the entrance fee... French Champagne and foie gras, Italian gelato and truffles and other things that I've never tried before! Aside from the yummy goodies in the Philippine booth, these are the memorable things I tried. (Mostly tasted!) ProBier Hall / Beer Hall The beer hall is a must see - different breweries from beer-loving … [read more]

STETTIN TO DO: Graffiti Sightings

Stettin Graffiti-004

These aren't the same as the massive wall sized street art I see in Berlin, but I found a few graffiti in Stettin, Poland interesting and great photography subjects. I used to dislike graffiti, but after Jakarta (which is full of cool and not so cool graffiti) I've come to appreciate them -those that are done well anyway. Even more so now after I went on the Alternative Berlin Walking Tour where they explained the different graffiti  artists styles, their artistry and message. What do you think … [read more]

DIPLO EVENTS: Philippine Booth at Green Week

philippine booth green week berlin

Something really exciting is happening in Berlin until January 26. It's Grünewoche Berlin or International Green Week Berlin 2014! I was so fortunate to be able to attend the fabulous opening ceremony last night and today I checked out the beautiful eye-catching Philippine Booth. Don't you think the Department of Agriculture did a great job? Margarita Fores' Twist on Filipino Food If you are in Berlin, please drop by the booth and try some Filipino food by my absolutely favourite Filipino … [read more]

BERLIN BITES: Vapiano Italian


I had a unique dining experience when we arrived in Berlin. We were looking for nice affordable place to go and stumbled into Vapiano which is right beside Concorde Hotel in shopping boulevard, Ku'damm. Good thing to because it was one of the few restos open on a Sunday. Eating in Vapiano is cafeteria style. Go in, line up at different counters, order your food, plop it on your tray and bring it to a free table - it's free seating. There are different counters for different kinds of … [read more]

DIPLO HEALTH: Jakarta Dentist Orthodontist

dr ruby jakarta dentist orthodontist

One of the questions new expats ask in Jakarta is where to go for dental treatment. I was really lucky that a friend of mine, who has such a beautiful smile thanks to Dr. Ruby, recommended me to her clinic. Let me describe to you why I love going to Dr. Ruby Karyadi so you can decide for yourself if you would like to check her out. English-speaking - She and her staff speak English so making an appointment and discussing dental work detail was a breeze for an expat like me. It's so scary … [read more]

BERLIN BITES: Buddha Haus Tibetan-Nepalese Food

buddha haus nepalese tibetan restaurant berlin-018

I love Berlin because of the diversity of people, cultures and cuisines that I encounter. Every time I go out, it seems I am learning something new, not just about Germany and the Deutsch whom I adore, but also about  people from all over the world. Russians, Italians, Iranians, Spanish, Turkish, Romanians, Greeks, Indian... you name it and Berlin's got it! Buddha Haus Tibetisch-Nepalesiche Küche Today I tried Nepalese-Tibetan cuisine at Buddha House for the very first time and I loved it! … [read more]

JAKARTA FINDS: Koncept Kemang

Koncept Kemang

Another place I regularly go to for home decor in Jakarta is Koncept Gallery Kemang. It is a small shop that is split into two sides. Both are called Koncept, but each side is owned by a different family member. I usually go to the left side of the store for my bespoke decor needs, but sometimes I also explore the right side. They both have lovely items. Custom-made Framed Batik Stamp This is where I had my old batik stamp framed. They are very good at this and can do many different styles. … [read more]

BERLIN BITES: Concorde Hotel Breakfast

concorde hotel berlin breakfast

Our first experience of breakfast in Berlin was a memorable one. We headed down from our room at the Concorde Hotel to the buffet breakfast area and I loved not only the food but also the simple yet sophisticated interiors. Once you give your name and room number you are free to pick any available table. It's nice to sit by the window with a view and lots of sunlight. When you are seated, the waiter asks you if you would like to have coffee or tea. There are many coffee and tea … [read more]

BERLIN INFO: Buying a Real Christmas Tree


Buying a real Christmas Tree for the first time was not as smooth sailing as we thought it would be, especially because we were on a tight budget and we don't have a car. I asked several Germans for advice and despite the many challenges we encountered, we ended up with a gorgeous tree that didn't break the bank. Christmas Tree Lots For people without a car, it is wise to look at empty lots or parks nearby which are usually occupied by Christmas Trees a few weeks before Christmas day. Walk … [read more]

BERLIN FINDS: Concorde Hotel

concorde hotel room berlin-003

When we first arrived in Berlin we were able to stay in a hotel for one week. We were very fortunate to be able to stay at the lovely Concorde Hotel in Ku'damm which is an amazing location. It is in the vicinity of the embassy and very near Ku'damm, the bustling shopping area in the heart of West Berlin. These cute bikes are available at the Concorde for guest. I'm not sure how much the daily rental rate is.  I absolutely loved our room.  Welcome note and treats from the hotel. Can I … [read more]

BERLIN BITES: Pane e Pomodoro


There is this small Italian Restaurant near Ku'damm that has intrigued us for a while now because it looks so quaint, cozy and is always bustling with people enjoying a relaxed meal. We decided to meet up for lunch one weekday and enjoyed the simple but delicious meal. How adorable is the name?  It translates to "Bread and Tomato" in English. The menu is very simple yet they use fresh ingredients so their dishes have amazing flavours. On Sharing Plates We shared a pasta and a pizza. … [read more]

JAKARTA EATS: Soup Restaurant

Soup Restaurant Jakarta-006

I am totally missing the Chinese food in Jakarta. Jakarta has a big Chinese community and I learned to really appreciate Chinese food when we were based there. One of the memorable Chinese food I had was from Soup Restaurant. All the dishes we ordered were delicious and I recommend them. I loved the sauce and mushrooms of the Po Cai and Enokitake in Oyster Sauce IDR 45.000. The veggies were a delicious accompaniment to our meal. I am a big fan of soft shell crabs so their Cereal Soft Shell … [read more]